About EFPC

EFPC was formed by the amalgamation of two organisations, one, specialised in Framework Program technical aspects and the other had experts in Framework Program financial aspects. During the Framework Program Five, they each had found themselves referring their clients to each other. It was clear that the two sides were extremely complementary and worked well together. Thus “EFPC” was born. We are unique in that we believe we are the only company working purely in the Framework Program and combining both skill sets.


Many “Technical Consultants” try and give “Financial Consultancy” i.e. assistance with Cost Statements etc. In our experience, this has lead to many major problems for the client. It is extremely import that the people giving financial information, are familiar with the Framework Program financial guidelines.


In reality there are two EFPC legal entities. EFPC Ltd is based in Israel and EFPC (UK) Ltd is based in Scotland. The financial and training services are run from the Israeli company. In particular EFPC operates and supports the Finance Helpdesk (www.finance-helpdesk.org)

EFPC is associated with two accounting organisations in Israel; VBIR CPAs in Tel Aviv and Aboulafia CPAs in Jerusalem. In the UK EFPC works with WDM Chartered Accountants of Motherwell.


EFPC Research participates in FP research projects and contributes both technically as well as administratively as required.


EFPC draws from a pool of skill and talents of experienced technical consultants and experienced accountants within the Framework Programs.


Our technical skills cover the fields of Information and Communication Technologies, Security, Health and Biotechnology, Social Sciences. We have experienced EU proposal evaluators and experience in Quality Management and Ethical aspects of EU R&D projects.


In addition EFPC has the following professional affiliations:

·          Member of the Israel British Chamber of Commerce

·          Member of the eMobility European Technology Platform

·          Member of the NESSI European Technology Platform

·          Member of the NEM European Technology Platform

·         Member of the Inpact European financial consultancy network  with representation in most European countries

·         Members of Quali4EU

·         Working with leading international companies in ICT, Biotechnology and other areas

·          Staff involved in Framework Program activities since inception

·          European Proposal Evaluators

·          European Commission Ethical Evaluators

·          Have given over 140 workshops in over 26 Countries


EFPC have published many papers which are used and quoted Europe wide. This includes the highly acclaimed Framework Program Book, authored by EFPC's CEO.

All EFPC papers, tools and book can be downloaded from www.efpcgroup.com/tools