02.04.2007 - Bulletin No:11



Updated FP7 work programmes and call fiches published

Major Update to Myer Morron’s FP7 Book

STREP Spread sheet – update

Candidate Countries Status

Commission Email Changes


Open Workshops


Updated FP7 work programmes and call fiches published:

The European Commission has updated the work programmes and call fiches, which were first issued on 22 December 2006.


It is important that project proposers download and use the updated documents.


To download the work programmes and calls from CORDIS, please visit:



Major Update to Myer Morron’s FP7 Book (Version 1.2):

Myer Morron has published Version 1.2 of his FP7 Book the updates include:

-          Chapter 5 clarifications on Collaborative Projects DG INFSO/DG Research differences

-          New financial information and updates particularly in Chapter 6

-          Clarification on exchange rate 6.11.1

-          Updates on role of coordinator - new section 10.3

-          Updates to Chapter 15 - STREP proposal

-          Updated Appendix 6 FAQ

-          Appendix 8 reworked and Spread sheet modifications


STREP Spread sheet – update:

Our STREP Spread sheet has been updated with major changes reflecting changes to information in updated book (above).

Changes in FP7 such as only a single activity per Work Package as well as possibility of Dissemination 100% funding has resulted in the sample spread sheet having a major rework.


Candidate Countries Status:

They are all 3rd countries unless they have an association agreement. The terminology of "Candidate Countries" is no longer used. Croatia, Turkey etc are now negotiating theirs.


Commission Email Changes:

Last year the Commission changed their Email contacts and URLs however, the old addresses were sill going to be operational for another year.

The year is almost up, so here is a reminder for those of you still using the old Email addresses.


firstname.surname@cec.eu.int should not be used anymore. The new format for Commission Email addresses is:



The old URLs are also about to be stopped – please update your bookmarks now.


Old URL = europa.eu.int/comm/


New URL = ec.europa.eu in all addresses.



The Electronic Proposal Submission Service is now available for this ICT Call 1 and the Future and Emerging Technologies Open Call. Proposers are invited to register with this service.


Open Workshops:

08/05/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

09/05/2007     2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

14/05/2007     2 Day in-depth FP7 Financial Workshop in Brussels, Belgium – fully booked.