22.01.2007 - Bulletin No:10



FREE downloadable FP7 book published today

1st FP7 calls for proposals open

FP7 ICT Proposal Templates Available now

FP7 Draft Grant Agreement Available Now



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FREE downloadable FP7 book published today:

Version 1.0 of Mr. Myer W. Morron’s new FP7 ICT Book, which follows on from the highly acclaimed FP5 and FP6 versions has been published today by EFPConsulting Ltd. It replaces drafts that were previously released.


The downloadable book continues to be free as it was in the previous framework programs. The book is constantly updated and registered users are notified of important changes and updates by Email.


The book is 185 pages long and covers subjects such as:

·          Background to changes in FP7

·          Overview of rules of participation

·          Benefits of participation in a Collaborative R&D project

·          Reasons not to participate

·          Brief Overview of Framework Program Seven and CIP

·          FP7 Funding Schemes (Types of Projects)

·          Framework Program Seven changes

·          Partner Search

·          Proposal preparation and submittal

·          What to do if your Proposal Fails

·          Project Roles

·          Financial Aspects

·          Use of External Consultants

·          What to do when your proposal is to be funded

·          Consortium Agreement

·          Problems during the project

·          Project Management

·          Project Ethics and Good Practice

·          European Technology Platforms

·          Ethical Considerations in FP7

·          SME Status

·          Intellectual Property Aspects

·          How to write a proposal


In order to download the book please register to the EFPConsulting website once only if you have not done so already. This registration allows you unlimited access to the book and its updates by logging in.


To download, please click here.


1st FP7 calls for proposals open:

On 22 December 2006, the Commission published the first FP7 calls for proposals.

With this there is a lot of new documentation available including the “Guide for Applicants” (revamped “Guide for Proposers”).


Below are links to the updated Workprograms and Open Calls.


·        Health

·        Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology

·        Information and Communication Technologies

·       Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies

·        Energy

·        Environment (including Climate Change)

·        Transport (including Aeronautics)

·        Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities

·        Security

·        Space


FP7 ICT Proposal Templates available now:

We are currently working on our annotated versions which will replace the ones available now however, we thought that you would like to see the official ICT Proposal Templates from the Commission now.

To download  please press here.


FP7 Draft Grant Agreement Available Now:

The European Commission has published a draft grant agreement for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


The main sections of the draft standard grant agreement comprising the core text and the 'general conditions' is available now, however, other important will be available later on.


The drafts are still drafts and are still subject to ongoing consultations.


To access the draft agreement form the Finance Helpdesk, please click here. (Requires registration to download).



The EPSS software tool is expected to be available for this call from around 19 March 2007 and it is mandatory to use this tool. This means that for the first call there will be a big rush once to tool is available. Ensure that you have all the information ready for inputting as soon as the EPSS comes online.



We are organising many financial and proposal writing workshops across Europe which we are currently unable to publisise. For the latest list of workshops please click here.


2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

In response to requests, EFPConsulting Ltd. together with the Finance Helpdesk and Alprocor Belgium, are holding an open 2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop on 21 & 22 March 2007, in Brussels Belgium.


The workshop is aimed at people from organisations who are interested in taking part in an FP7 project proposal. The workshops shortcut the learning curve for writing a quality proposal with a higher chance of success and cover such areas as: background reading and considerations before you begin; detailed discussion of the “do’s and don’ts” of each proposal section; budgetary and other financial considerations.


This workshop is an interactive workshop with the participants acting as evaluators in order to best understand what makes a good or a bad proposal.


Places are limited and will be allocated on a first register – first serve basis.

Cost to attend the two days is 980€ and includes Workshop handouts, coffee and lunch.


There is a special discount available for those who register to both this Workshop and the 1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop on 20 March 2007 in the same venue.


To register, please download the registration form and send completed form by Email here, or fax to: +32 16820480


Below is a current list – correct at 22/01/2007 - of upcoming confirmed Workshops:


25/01/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Berne, Switzerland.
31/01/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.
07/02/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Brussels, Belgium. – Fully Booked.
12/02/2007     1½ Day FP7 Proposal Writing Workshop in Budapest, Hungary.
12/02/2007     Financial Rule changes from FP6 to FP7 - Budapest, Hungary.
12/02/2007     2 Day FP7 Proposal Writing Workshop, Iceland.
13/02/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop at Tampere University of Technology, Finland.
14/02/2007     FP7 Financial Rules and Reporting Workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland.
09/03/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal.
20/03/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.
21/03/2007     2 Day Proposal Writing Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.


EFPC are currently looking for opportunities and collaborators to hold more workshops.

If you wish to work together with EFPC and Host either an Internal or Public Financial Workshop, then please contact us here.


Other Information:

The BOOST-IT December newsletter for incubated ICT Companies is now available here.