28.11.2006 - Bulletin No:9



New FP7 Book launched

New FP7 ICT website

Latest Workprograms available

FP7 Calls Announced

Latest FP7 Rules - Updates

Project Work Ethics and Best Practice Paper Published


EFPConsulting Downloads



New FP7 Book launched:

EFPConsulting has just published the initial draft of Mr. Myer W. Morron’s new FP7 ICT Book, which follows on from the highly acclaimed FP5 and FP6 versions.


The book continues to be free however; the method of distribution for this book has changed from previous EFPC Books. It will only be held on the EFPC web site and as with our other downloads, only people that register can download. Redistribution or holding the book for download on other websites is no longer permitted without written permission from EFPC. We do however, invite you to link to the book from your Website, in this case, the link used should be to www.efpconsulting.com/tools.


New FP7 ICT website:

A new FP7 ICT website has been launched http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/

The website says that ICT Call 1 will be launched 22 Dec, closing 24 April 2007 (subject to Commission formalities).

To download the final draft of ICT workprogram available, click here.

To download the latest IST NCP Newsletter please click here.


Latest Workprograms Available:

The Latest drafts of the various Workprograms are constantly updated. Those latest documents which are not confidential are available via the links below. These links below will contain constantly updated information and downloads as new documentation becomes available:



         Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology

         Information and Communication Technologies

         Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies


         Environment (including Climate Change)

         Transport (including Aeronautics)

         Socio-Economic Sciences and the Humanities




FP7 Calls Announced:

With FP7 reaching the end of its adoption process (the European Parliament expected to give its green light on 30 November), the European Commission has announced 22 December as the day when the first calls for proposals will open.

However, do not wait till then. Draft workprograms are available now (see above). Most major consortia have already been formed. Do not get left out by waiting.


Latest FP7 Rules – Updates:

(subject to second parliamentary vote scheduled for 29 November):


a) Fixed FC overhead rate back to 20% from proposed 30%.


b) As we expected, the FP7 changes have created new problems. Although the intention in FP7 is to undo some of the problems for SMEs created in FP6, some newly identified problems have been created for SMEs. Two in particular we foresee are:

1.       As Commission cannot ask for Bank/Financial guarantees, an SME cannot coordinate if it does not have full financial resources to cover the project. It apparently also will not be able to receive more than 500,000 Euros if not a coordinator.

2.       We also foresee a problem with the change in demonstration rate to 50%. If a non-SME coordinates a project, there is now no incentive for them not to use the "demonstration" option (as opposed to do the same work but calling it a trial). This however will cause SME partners to receive 50% instead of 75%.


c) Overhead rates for CSAs (i.e. CAs and SSAs) reduced from 20% to 7%.

This will cause major problems for consultancies and many of the major ETP players. Even 20% overheads as was previously available was in fact very tight. Reducing it to 7% is totally unjustified and, in our opinion will leads to widespread abuse.


Project Work Ethics and Best Practice Paper Published:
In FP6, the Commission devolved many responsibilities to the consortia. This opened the doors wide for abuse of trust within Projects.


Larger sums of money are generally also involved with the creation of the New Instruments. This along with the retirement of the original 1984 players has resulted in a general deterioration of behaviour. This was combined with the introduction of a large number of new participants who are largely unfamiliar with normal coordinator behaviour to that point.


EFPConsulting has written a paper in an effort to document the various aspects and suggest approaches to rectify this in FP7.

To view the Paper please click here.



We are organising many financial and proposal writing workshops across Europe which we are currently unable to publicise. For the latest list of workshops please click here.

Below is a current list – correct at 27/11/2006 - of upcoming confirmed Workshops:


04/12/2006     Financial Aspects of RTD Contracts - Croatia
06/12/2006     3 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia.

12/12/2006     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in University of Wroclaw, Poland.
25/01/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Berne, Switzerland.
31/01/2007     1 Day FP7 Financial Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.


EFPC are currently looking for opportunities and collaborators to hold more workshops.

If you wish to work together with EFPC and Host either an Internal or Public Financial Workshop, then please contact us here.


EFPConsulting Downloads:

EFPConsulting produces FREE Books, Informative Papers, and Templates on the Framework Program.

In order to download from our website from now on, you have to be a register and login to the website.

To become a registered user is FREE, quick, simple, and can be done here.


By registering, you have access to all the tools and downloads on the EFPConsulting Website.


EFPConsulting will not pass your details onto any other party. You may ask to be “unregistered” at any time by emailing your request here.


We have created a new easily remembered entry point into our Tools and Downloads. www.efpconsulting.com/tools


Other Information:


The BOOST-IT October newsletter for incubated ICT Companies is now available here.


A new FAQ on European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) has been made here.