This is not an exhaustive list as some of our clients request anonymity.


EFPC Lithuanian Clients Include:


  • Agency for International Science and Technology Development Programmes in Lithuania;
  • Institute of Animal Science of Lithuanian Veterinary Academy;
  • Iturinet;
  • Kaunas University of Technology;
  • KMU Institute for Biomedical Research;
  • KMU Institute of Psychophysiology and Rehabilitation;
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre;
  • National Public Health Investigation Centre;
  • Scientific Research Institute;
  • Siemens Business Solutions;
  • Social and Economic Development Centre;
  • UAB "Algoritmų sistemos";
  • UAB "Fermentas";
  • UAB “Moore Stephens Vilnius”;
  • UAB Skaitos kompiuteriu servisas;
  • VDU Faculty of Informatics;
  • Vilnius University;
  • Vilnius Technical University;
  • VGTU Department of Electronic Systems;
  • VGTU Open Source Institute;
  • VU Institute of Materials Science and Applied Research.