About EFPC

The EPIST project (www.epist.org) boosts NMS and ACC participation in FP6 and FP7 IST activities related to eHealth and eInclusion through the implementation of two channels:


·            A pilot portal to facilitate the transfer, exchange and sharing of information as well as contacts among NMS and ACC organisations operating in the field of eHealth and eInclusion

·            Brokerage events, workshops and technical assistance.


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EPIST establishes direct relationships with a large number of service providers, user organisations, public authorities, and research centres in these countries.


The consortium is made up of partners from the following countries in the EU, NMS and ACC: Italy, Israel, Estonia, Malta, Slovakia, Turkey, Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania.


The main activities are: 

1.       Raising the awareness of NMS and ACC organisations of the technological and market state of the art and forecasts in the field of eHealth and eInclusion.

2.       Appraisal of the capability of NMS and ACC organisations to successfully operate in this evolving market sector.

3.       Identification of the roles that organisations from NMS and ACC can play in IST projects.

4.       Identification of and contact with  NMS and ACC organisations operating in the sectors of eHealth and eInclusion.

5.       Creation and maintenance of a database on the project web site, thereby optimising assistance given to NMS and ACC organisations.

6.       Awareness and training of NMS and ACC organisations through the organisation of national workshops.

7.       Organisation of  trans-national brokerage events and additional partner-search activities.

8.       Technical assistance and help desk for NMS and ACC organisations in the proposal and contract preparation phases.

9.       Assessment of results and feedback to the European Commission on the success of NMS and ACC participation in the eHealth and eInclusion areas of the FP6 IST workprogram.