Final Reports

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What is the significance of the final reports?

The project is not formally complete until the final reports have been submitted and accepted by the Commission. Assuming the final cost statement has also been submitted correctly, final payment can be expected in at least sixty days but may be much longer.

Of course there may be some ongoing dissemination that was committed to and there may be some activities related to exploitation that may also have to be completed. Such things are subjects of discussions and agreements with the Project Officer.

However, if you wish to change the use and/or application of funds, you must apply for and receive authorisation at least sixty days prior to the formal end of the project.

Does the commission withhold any funding until final reports are submitted?

At least 15% of the last period funding is retained until the final reports have been accepted and an ex-post audit has been conducted.

What information should an Integrated Project final report contain?

At the completion of the project, a final report will assess the results of the project against its agreed objectives. The final report will also include:

·        Analysis and evaluation of the potential economic and social impact of the technologies concerned and the factors involved in their successful exploitation

·        Description of the project’s activities and future plans regarding the use and dissemination of knowledge

·        Assessment of the equal opportunity promotion actions.

The final report should be accompanied by an activity report and an expenditure report for the final period.

What information should a Network of Excellence final report contain?

At the end of the contract, in addition to the activity report for the final period, a final report will be required, covering such issues as:

·        an analysis of the extent, depth and potential durability of the integration realised among the participants in the network, compared to the performance indicators foreseen at the end of the contract;

·        an assessment by the consortium of the impact of the network on strengthening and spreading excellence on the topic in Europe;

·        an analysis of the impact of the network on the way that research is carried out in Europe on the topic considered compared to the situation described at the time of the submission of the proposal;

·        a description of the network’s activities relating to dissemination, transfer and exploitation of knowledge and of their potential impact (innovation-related activities, spin-offs…);

·        an assessment of the technological impact of the activities of the network (technology transfer, spin-offs…);

·        an assessment of the network’s actions to promote gender equality.