Technical Reports

EFPC provides in-house and public workshops on Reporting requirements for Framework Program Projects. In addition we offer Project Coordinators and Partners administrative assistance during the running of their project. This assistance makes full use of our Financial Expertise. Please contact us here for more information.


What types of report are required?

The formal reporting requirements are included in the project contract and its appendices. There are usually program specific appendices. Formal mainly consists of financial and progress reports.

The active spread sheets for reporting are available from the Finance Helpdesk. Contained there are the detail and summary forms for a participant as well as the consolidation forms for the Co-ordinator.

Formal Progress Reports are usually required every six months but within the programs there may be requirements for interim reports on a more frequent basis. The content and frequency of progress reports must be verified at the start of the project from the Project Officer.

Please look at our Documents Page for more helpful downloads.