Project Management

EFPC provides in-house and public workshops on how to Project Manage a Framework Program Project. In addition we offer Coordinators administrative assistance during the running of their project. This assistance makes full use of our Financial Expertise. Please contact us here for more information.


Good Project Management of is essential to ensure the smooth running towards the best potential exploitation of your project.

What are the requirements for successful project management?

Successful Project Management of a Framework Program Project requires various skills and knowledge. It requires people with the following attributes –

·        Good appreciation of the relevant business area

·        Participation in previous Framework projects

·        Knowledge of Framework procedures

·        Good interpersonal skills

·        Well organised and systematic in own work

·        Good knowledge of ISO 9001

·        Good knowledge of English

·        Some knowledge of project technical area

·        Some knowledge of financial management

Project Management is a combination of all of the above skills. Extra strength in some areas could compensate for weakness in others. Remember this function includes legal responsibility aspects and thus keeping of good records is essential. Any telephone calls and agreements, especially with the Project Officer should be minuted and/or confirmed in writing, at least by email.

What are the key project management roles?

Prime Contractor

Also known as the Co-ordinating Partner or Project Co-ordinator. This is the first point of contact to the Commission during proposal preparation and project implementation. He is responsible for submitting the proposal and also leads the contract negotiation. After the project starts, he appoints the Project Manager, submits all reports, usually handles the financial statements and payments, chairs the Project Management Board and has overall control of the project.

Project Manager

Every project must have a Project Manager. He will be responsible for the Management of the Project and execution of the contract. He is appointed by the Prime Contractor and chairs the Management Meetings. He approves all outputs and reports, is the prime external interface and also may be the Technical Director (if one is deemed necessary).

Financial Co-ordinator

This is the partner that issues the cost statements to the Commission and receives the payments for redistribution to the Consortium. It is usually the Prime Contractor but if he has limited financial means the role can be assigned to one of the other partners. This is normally done during contract negotiation.

Technical Director

A Technical Director can be appointed where there is clear technical leadership by one of the partners.

The Technical Director usually chairs the Technical Meetings and has responsible for the overall technical policy and direction. It is normal for him to approve any outputs/papers.