Contract Preparation Forms

EFPC provides in-house and public workshops on how to hold successful Contract Negotiations including CPF Preparations. Please contact us here for more information.


On proposal approval, the Co-ordinator is asked to prepare the CPFs with the partners for the negotiation meeting. Each partner has to prepare his own part plus supply additional documentation as required in the Negotiation Guidelines document.

The commission are expecting the new EPSS package that was used for the proposal stage to be used for this stage as well. - We wait and see.


Financial Viability of Co-ordinator.

It is advertised that one of the benefits of FP6 over FP5 is that they have eliminated the Financial Viability checks. This is not exactly correct. They have moved the responsibility to the consortium itself. There are two aspects, the Co-ordinator and the other contractors. The Commission will transfer funding to the consortium via the Co-ordinator and public money must be handled in a "safe" fashion. Thus the Commission will have to look at the Financial Viability of the Co-ordinator. How this will be done and what the guidelines will be are still under discussion.

Please read our Financial Viability Leaflet.