Currently, all proposals have to be prepared and submitted using the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS)


The Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) was a new package used in FP6. It took over from ProTool to electronically submit your proposal and it is planned that it will also take over from Electra to submit the Contract Preparation Forms (CPFs). EPSS is a web-based, on-line package. In order to use this package, you have to have a user name and password.

Coordinators have to register with the system to receive the login and password(s). You will receive the login and password by electronic mail.

The Commission takes no responsibility for the late receipt of logins and passwords. Proposal co-ordinators should therefore apply for logins and passwords well in advance.

The great thing about having a web-based service, which is held on the commission server, is that once you `submit` your proposal from the package, this gives the commission permission to freeze the proposal that is held on their server at the call closing time. Thus you can amend up to the last minute.