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Grant Agreement No 266515. Starting Date: 1st November 2010; Duration: 30 months (November 2010 - April 2013)

Preparation for Moldova's integration into the European Research Area and into the Community R&D Framework Programs on the basis of scientific excellence.


The objective of MOLD-ERA is to assist the Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies IEEN (Republic of Moldova) to develop and implement a research strategy that will expand its activities and increase its level of excellence, so that it can compete and collaborate with leading research institutions in Europe. The MOLD-ERA project aims to improve the level of training and equipment in the Nanotechnologies field in Moldova, which will lead to increased collaborations with EU institutions and improved career for young scientists in Moldova.


MOLD-ERA training activities will be opened up and integrate with activities in other relevant research institutions in Moldova to increase the project impact and thereby increase the generation of wealth in the region. Focus is on a new research and training program for young researchers that will result in creation of a leading European infrastructure at IEEN in nanotechnology and nanobiology. The project will attract new investments and create new jobs, leading to a considerable increase in wealth for the Moldovan economy and society.


The main objectives of the MOLD-ERA project are:

-   Further consolidation of human potential and technological infrastructure;

-   Promotion of the link between NANO and BIO (Medicine) fields;

-   Creation and consolidation of bridges between Moldovan National NANO-Network and EU partners;

-   Creation of capacities for broader participation in the future of Moldovan research groups in the FP7 Program.


These objectives are in line with the forthcoming association of the Republic of Moldova to the FP7 Program and will contribute to its success.


MOLD-ERA Consortium

Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies IEEN, Republic of Moldova (Coordinator) http://www.iieti.asm.md


Technical University of Moldova (TUM), Republic of Moldova



EFPC Ltd, Israel



Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), Republic of Moldova



University of Bristol (UNIVBRIS), United Kingdom



Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH), Germany




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