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Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, there are many benefits to be gained from learning and keeping up to date with developments within the Framework Program. Now we are approaching the beginning of FP7, it is the perfect opportunity for getting involved and maximizing your chances of success.

EFPC staff have participated in many major conferences and provided training courses relating to technical and financial aspects of preparation of proposals and project reporting. They have been the leaders of workshops, as well as being invited to make presentations at various events and courses. EFPC have held Public Courses and Workshops on all aspects of the Framework Program across 24 Countries.


These courses range from 1 Day – beginners, to 4 Day - Expert in-depth.

ü          Across all the Priorities,

ü          Can be targeted at specific sectors i.e. SMEs, Universities,

ü          Complement existing consultants and support systems


On subjects such as:

ü          FP7 Introductory Workshop

ü          FP7 Proposal Writing Workshop 

ü          Contract Negotiations

ü          Project Management

ü          Project Implementation

ü          Financial Workshops


In addition, EFPConsulting, offers their client in-house training this includes:

ü          Introduction to the Framework Program

ü          Proposal Writing Workshop

ü          Contract Negotiations – Dos and Don’ts

ü          Setting up of Accounting system

ü          How to correctly manage a project.


Overview and Introduction to FP7

How to write a successful FP7 Project

How to navigate Contract Negotiations

Project Managing an FP7 Project

Financial Rules and Reporting within FP7

Ethical Issues within FP7 Projects


Tools & Templates
23.09.2013 - FP7 Book by Mr Myer Morron (FREE) V2.17
02/01/2012 - FP7 Proposal Finance Spread Sheet V1R
09/12/2007 - Issues surrounding 60% Derogation Overhead Rate for SMEs
23/10/2007 - Recording Hours Guidelines For FP7 Projects
15/10/2007 - How to Deal With VAT & Taxes In FP7 Projects
29/08/2007 - How to Calculate Man Months and Man Month Rates
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